Jan 232003

Snow snow snow!

It’s amazing; our area hardly ever gets snow. What we get is ice. Lots and lots of ice, coating the roads and bringing down trees and power lines. But about once a year we get a day that has actual honest-to-God snow, and today seems to be that day.

The schools are closed today, of course. While we are all quite well aware that the hardy souls up in the wintry northern climes will slog their way to school even if it’s forty below and the snow is three feet deep, down here snow is something we simply aren’t prepared to deal with on a regular basis. It’s more cost-effective to just close things down on the rare occasions that we get this kind of snowfall than it is to maintain plows and snow-clearing equipment all year round. So you Canadians can spare yourselves the effort of telling me of the extreme conditions that you’ve blithely endured in the course of your normal winter day, until you’ve spent a summer down here when the temperature is over 90&#176 Fahrenheit with a humidity of 100% (the kind of thing we get every summer).

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