May 252005

Why the hell do telemarketers and door-to-door salesmen assume if you’re home during the day, you must have nothing better to do than listen to their sales pitch? I have chores in the house. I have appointments that I will be leaving for in five minutes whether you’ve finished your little spiel or not. I have a work-from-home contract to finish. If you seriously expect to take half an hour out of my day, you need to make an appointment.

I think I was making the salesman nervous because I was just barely bothering to be polite in telling him I really didn’t want to buy anything. At this point I’m so tired of getting interrupted when I’m trying to solve a difficult problem I’m probably going to start working on my reputation as “that bitchy woman.”

Now I’m going to go try and pick up the train of thought I was working on again. I swear if I get one more salesman this week, on Saturday I’m asking my friend if I can borrow his war axe.

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