Feb 142006

Our temporary cat has moved on; last week we got a call from Safe Haven saying some space had opened up there. Saturday morning I scooped the little cat into a carrier before she realized what was happening and trundled her off to their facility.

Sprog #2 came with me to say goodbye, as they’ve grown quite attached to each other. We’re sad to give her up, but it’s best all around—Phurball was not adjusting well to her presence, despite all her efforts to make friends with him. Being an only cat for seventeen years makes one very set in one’s ways, apparently. Now that she’s gone he’s no longer spending all his time outside in the cold, and is eating more. Plus he no longer wakes me up at four in the morning demanding I let him outside to get away from That Damn Kid.

I’m keeping an eye out for her on the website, and they say they’ll send a postcard when she gets adopted. I’m glad she was able to get into this place, I think it’s the best one we could have found for her.

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