Apr 032007

My boy swam in the Special Olympics multi-state meet on Saturday. Came in first in one race and second in at least two others (we’ll get the final tally next week).

He’s gotten much faster since last year. This is a kid who does not know the meaning of the word “hustle.” He has two speeds, slow and stop. It takes him a minimum of half an hour to get dressed for school in the mornings. He swims the same way; he never appears to be in any hurry. His increase in speed has come entirely from improvement in his technique.

Nonetheless, he’s clearly a lot more involved this year. Last year (his first on the team), the coaches often had to tell him when to start swimming; he was just there for the fun of it and wasn’t paying attention when the buzzer went off. This year, though, he was poised for the starter and lunging away from the wall as soon as it went off. He’s not just swimming, he’s competing. One of these days he’s going to learn the meaning of “hustle” and then he’s really going to be tearing up the water.

In other news, I finally caught whatever the rest of the family has had all last week. Sunday I had a fever of 100.3°F; Monday I managed to drag myself in to class to take a test, but I don’t know whether I’m any better off for having done so—I couldn’t even balance the darn bank account on it. Today I didn’t go to class at all, and me and the other son spent the day watching Stargate SG-1. Go SciFi channel marathon!

In closing, I would like to leave you all with this Very Important PSA:

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