Aug 172009

Our school system has a web system that lets parents track their kids’ progress. This way we can check the kid’s grades online even if they don’t bring home their report cards or tell us how they’re doing on their assignments. They call it SPAN (Student Parent Access Network).

Last week in the mail I got a letter from The Director’s school with his class schedule and the login information for his SPAN account. I made a copy of his schedule so he’d have one and I’d have one, and then went to log in to his SPAN account.

Oops. That’s not my kid.

Looks like I got the SPAN information of the kid who’s right ahead of mine, alphabetically. So the family whose last name comes right after ours probably got my kid’s info, and so on.

I bet the poor SPAN administrator is swamped with e-mails. And he’s about to get another one.

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