Nov 102009

Finally, at last, I seem to have shaken off this horrible upper respiratory infection.

I don’t think it was the flu (either one). I didn’t have a fever, but I had the congestion and the rattling cough. It’s amazing how much reduced lung capacity will sap your energy. Looks like that whole breathing thing might be kind of important after all.

Yesterday I started the Couch to 5k from scratch again. I was only one week into it when I got sick, so I don’t feel too terribly discouraged.

The Director also got vaccinated for H1N1 yesterday.

We hadn’t planned to; I’d taken the kids out to one of the big clinics a few weeks ago to be vaccinated, but by the time we got there they were out of the vaccine. I planned to keep an eye on the news so I’d know when more was available, but I wasn’t keeping an eye on much of anything while I was sick. So when we stopped by the drugstore for a soda, I was surprised to see the sign announcing the H1N1 vaccine that afternoon.

So I hustled The Director over and got him vaccinated. Worked out better this way, as he didn’t have time to worry about whether it was going to hurt (he announced afterwards that it really didn’t, much). He only had a few minutes to fret about it.

“Now I’ll just spend the next few days being sick,” he grumbled.

“No you won’t,” I assured him. “You can’t get sick from the flu vaccine; they use a killed form of the virus.”


(Later I realized he was probably trying to lay the groundwork for some missed school days.)

The same drugstore is offering vaccines again Friday; I plan to pick The Artist up from campus so I can get him there before they stop for the day.

I keep hearing about people who refuse to get vaccinated. Those people obviously don’t live in my area, because they run out of the vaccine almost as fast as they get it around here.

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