Nov 192009

It’s new!

I’ve owned five cars in my life. This is the first I’ve ever had that wasn’t owned by someone else first. It’s shiny and new and all mine.

Probably the smart, sensible thing would have been to buy another used car. We would have only had one car payment to make, which would certainly have helped when Alpha Geek got laid off earlier this year.

I can’t say I regret it, though, because I love my car. When the minivan started having terminal problems, I was already eyeballing Alpha Geek’s Fit. Usually he wants a new car every four or five years; I was thinking it was about time for him to want to trade up, and I could have his car.

He didn’t want to trade up; he loves his Fit, too. And there weren’t any used ones to be found. If I was going to have a Fit, I’d have to have a new one.

Alpha Geek totally spoils me. When my van finally gave up the ghost, he scoured the local Honda dealerships to find out which ones had Fits on their lots. That weekend he took me out to one that had two Fits left. A few weeks before my birthday, he bought me a new car. (He even went for the “sport,” the pricier model with extra doodads.)

Perhaps a used car would have been more sensible, but damn I love this car.

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