Feb 202010

Last April I heard from the lady who had bought my old, dead van from the people that bought it from me, and we determined that the intermediary couple had tried to pass the van off as a working vehicle—and signed my name to the transfer.

She’s been working on the issue since then. It’s a bit difficult as the perpetrators live in another county, but she’s irate and she’s determined. She called last week to let me know how things are progressing, and see if I want to get in on the court action with her.

Someone has committed fraud in my name. You bet your ass I want in on the court action.

We’re going to meet next week to exchange information and sketch out our game plan. She’s got the information about the couple who sold her the van: name, address, etc. I’ve got a copy of the estimate I got from the repair shop, detailing the problem with the van and how much it would cost to get it fixed (seems that one particular paper mysteriously disappeared from the folder of papers I turned over with the van).

She’s also been talking to the sheriff’s office in the other county; apparently these people have pulled this particular trick a number of times, and the sheriff’s department was very helpful and forthcoming with all the information she could need to press charges. Sounds like they’d like to do something about these folks, too.

Should be an interesting experience. You know, as in the Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.”

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