Aug 032011

There are a lot of new people where I work. Apparently the boss has got some salespeople drumming up more business, and in anticipation thereof he’s been on a hiring spree.

One of the new guys may not be there next week. He started with the lady who does payroll, but was slowing her down too much. This week he’s working with me and my supervisor. My supervisor is dealing with a huge mound of paperwork that has to be finished by Friday, so she asked me to show New Guy how to do what we do.

So that’s what I spent about half my day doing yesterday. I made a copy of my check list for him, and when he had questions I’d go and walk him through it. I tried to explain things clearly (English is his second language), and have him do the entries while I was there so he’d have some hands-on practice. I took it slow so he could make notes. I did my best to set him up for success, because I can totally relate to being inexperienced and struggling.

But he’s on thin ice, and he knows it. He’s not very fast at getting the data entered, and he’s making a lot of mistakes. And knowing he’s on thin ice is making him flustered and nervous, which of course only makes it worse.

El Jefe is giving him until Friday, but if he doesn’t improve he’s probably going to get laid off.

The whole thing prompted me to ask my supervisor, “You’d tell me if I was making mistakes, right?” She assured me that yes, if I make mistakes they’ll definitely let me know, and I’m doing fine. I hope New Guy can make it. Getting laid off sucks.

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