Aug 292011

Getting used to working full-time again. For the first few weeks I didn’t have much energy to do anything at the end of the day. These days I still have enough gas to do things after I get home. You know, things other than flop on the couch.

This afternoon a co-worker told me a client on line 2 needed to talk to me about an account I’d been working on. I picked up line 2 and someone started talking to me in Spanish. To my “¿Habla Inglés?” she answered “No.” I have no idea why my co-worker sent her to me, as she knows I don’t speak Spanish. (Yet.)

Our area was just far enough west to avoid real damage from Irene. Our neighboring county to the east was washed out; sections of the north-south I95 were flooded for a while. The outer banks are in even worse shape.

This week I weighed in at 139. Finally broke 140; I haven’t been less than that since my first pregnancy.

My new office mate is payroll certified. This makes me jealous and insecure, because I am not. OTOH we get along like gangbusters and she doesn’t mind showing me everything if I ask her about what she’s doing.

That’s all for now. Going to bed, because I get up at the ass crack of dawn these days.

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