Jun 182012

Plus: We’re in the process of refinancing our mortgage. Taking advantage of the current low interest rates being offered, we can now roll both our mortgages into one and still pay several hundred dollars less each month.

Minus: The Artist needs his wisdom teeth removed. All four of ’em. We have no dental insurance.

Two steps forward, one step back…

Work-wise, things are slow. No taxes are due, so people are being… leisurely about getting their information to us. We’ve also lost a few clients, which further reduces our available work. The boss has asked us not to work more than 35 hours per week until fall, when things should start getting busy again.

At least, as we scrounge for work to do, I can feel reasonably secure in my job. My supervisor is the only other full-fledged accountant on staff, so she’s in a pretty good position to influence the matter—and she’s outright told me that if we have to let someone go because there’s not enough work, she doesn’t want it to be me. We have our little system going now, it’s working well for us, and she likes it that way.

Still, I’m keeping my eyes open. I like my workplace, I love the people I work with, but the work itself is a little limiting. I’d like to either get a job as a full-charge bookkeeper—working with the whole picture instead of just a little piece of it—or else something in a bigger company with room for advancement. This job is a good starting point but there’s really nowhere I can go from here.

I’m figuring I’ll probably be here another year, to get some solid experience on the resume, and then start looking seriously for something else.

It doesn’t seem prudent to mention this plan to my co-workers.

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