Nov 242012

Usually I buy a pre-cooked turkey from the grocery store deli. Unfortunately, nobody around here just sells a pre-cooked turkey—they all sell them as part of a dinner. Now that I can’t eat wheat any more, nobody would eat the stuffing. Alpha Geek doesn’t like the sweet potato casserole they offer (he likes the candied sweet potatoes I make), and nobody ever touches the green been casserole. So there’s no point buying a turkey dinner, as most of it wouldn’t get eaten.

So I tried cooking a bird from scratch. Turned out moderately well. But it reminded me how much I really do hate to cook. If we can’t find a pre-cooked one next year, we may just be having some deli ham.

Yesterday I stayed in the house. I try to avoid anyplace retail between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, although at some point I’ll have to brave the mall to get my traditional Hickory Farms sausage.

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