Aug 292013

I think Sparky’s going to get fired soon.

We’ve had more episodes of drama that I haven’t posted about, mostly between Sparky and the payroll girl she doesn’t get along with. At one point she threatened to quit (again). She talked it over with the boss and stayed on, but at this point the boss is tired of the drama and the threats to leave.

He’s interviewed two people in the last two weeks (I can see “Interview with X” on his calendar), and New Girl and I were both worried Monday that the interviews are for Sparky’s replacement. Freda suspects the same; she wants us to think of a way to warn Sparky to start seriously job-hunting, without prompting her to go confront the boss (and probably get fired on the spot).

I don’t think there’s really anything we can say; Sparky can see the boss’s calendar, too, and knows he’s been interviewing people. I suspect she already has an idea what’s up, but doesn’t want to deal with the possibility of losing her job. I can certainly understand not wanting to deal with job-hunting and interviewing, it’s tiring and stressful. But it’s a lot better to do it while you’re still employed if you possibly can.

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