Apr 132014

And I’m just about caught up with the work backlog, as well. Maybe next week I’ll be doing something other than working, eating, and sleeping.

Been searching the job boards for jobs using some kind of ERP, like Dynamics GP or SAS or NetSuite. Unfortunately the only jobs that seem to be advertised are for high-level consultants who are experts with the software and can set it up for a company and train people to use it.

Considering taking a class or something. Maybe if I can at least put “Took Intro to Dynamics GP” it’ll help get my foot in a door somewhere. ERP software looks a lot more interesting than Quickbooks, and it’s the kind of thing used by larger companies with more room for me to move up.

In the workplace, I suspect Queenie won’t be with us much longer. The beginning of the year, she took a course in tax preparation. When she sent around an e-mail to let us know she had completed the course (for which most of us sincerely congratulated her), The Boss sent a rather curt reply that it was great, and she was free to use her new knowledge on her own time, but she was not to offer or provide tax services for our company.

Nothing else was said about her tax prep skills. But I’m connected with her on LinkedIn, and a few weeks ago got a notice to congratulate her on her new job at H&R Block. (I did not mention this to anyone at work.) And she took all of last week off—the last full week before the big tax deadline here in the States. I strongly suspect that she spent last week working at H&R Block doing taxes, and if she’s smart she was also laying the groundwork to work there permanently.

So I’m curious to see what next week brings; I’m half expecting that she’s going to give two weeks’ notice, the Boss will take it personally and tell her to just go ahead and leave immediately, and New Girl will be suddenly responsible for all of Queenie’s payroll clients. In other words, I’m predicting another drama tsunami.

Popcorn, anyone?

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