Moar TMI

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Jun 102014

Saw the OB/GYN last week. He brought up an option that I wasn’t aware of: instead of having the parts removed completely, I could have something called an endometrial ablation.

Haven’t had time to research yet, but so far the pros for the ablation are: less invasive procedure, no hospital stay, much faster recovery. Cons: it might not permanently solve the issue.

Whatever I do, I have to get a biopsy first. So I have that scheduled for today. It will probably be even less pleasant than the normal internal exam, so I’m really not looking forward to it.

Okay, the Parts Go

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May 302014

(Obligatory Female Issues warning here.)

My uterus is trying to turn itself inside out today.

Have an appointment with the OB/GYN next week, going to talk to her about removing the damn thing entirely. Enough of this shit.

Let the Red River Flow

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Dec 032013

Yes, it’s that time again. Today is menstrual Niagara. In addition to the cramping, gushing, and discomfort, by two o’clock I had a major backache.

I thought about leaving early, but several others in the office were soldiering on with bad colds and sore throats. Leaving early because “I’ve got my period” would have made me feel like a whiny little bitch. So I grumpily hung in there.

Spent more of my day doing tech support than I did accounting. If I actually get another job these guys are really going to miss me.