Mar 252017

The recent cold snap has driven the bugs indoors. Pest control has been by. It seems to have made the bugs angrier. Last night Alpha Geek and I had the following text exchange:

Bertha: OMG there were three enormous cockroaches in the kitchen

Alpha Geek: Did you get them or did they scurry off somewhere?

Bertha: I got two


Alpha Geek: Jesus

Bertha: BTW if you find puddles around the sink, it’s because I used the sprayer to bring down the flying one

Bertha: I think I got all the water cleaned up

Alpha Geek: Wow you had a real battle

Bertha: It was epic

Bertha: There was swashbuckling and feats of heroism

Bertha: There was betrayal and redemption

Bertha: I expect a movie soon

Bertha: I want Michelle Yeoh to play me

Alpha Geek: And Gilbert Gottfried should play the cockroach

Bertha: Perfect

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