Failure to Launch

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Jan 022013

A few months ago I bought Duchess a scratching post with a perch attached. She loves it; she scratches it, sleeps on it, and sits on it to look out the window.

And, when she’s having a Crazy Cat Episode, she likes to race through the house and launch herself to the perch from several feet away.

Tonight she was having a ‘sode, galloping through the house, and attempted to launch herself to the perch as usual. She didn’t quite make it, and for several seconds I was laughing hysterically as she hauled herself up the rest of the way.

I explained the source of my hilarity to Alpha Geek, who nodded. “Poor energy management,” he remarked. “Should have applied more thrust on short final.”


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Sep 222010

Video of a peregrine falcon and a goshawk, from the point of view of the birds—they’re wearing little cameras on their backs. I love watching raptors fly.

Actually, I just love raptors in general, they’re such ballsy critters. Here’s one of a peregrine pwning a red-tailed hawk twice its size:

Teeny Tiny Flight Simulator

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Jan 102010

Alpha Geek: Push this slider on the left to increase throttle, then tip it to steer left and right or up and down.

Bertha: That’s pretty neat.

Alpha Geek: “Pretty neat?” Look at the level of detail in the graphics!

Bertha: I’m not quite sure what to do with it.

Alpha Geek: Everybody says they’re not sure what to do with it. I don’t understand why people aren’t more impressed that I have a fully-functioning flight simulator on my phone.

Bertha: How do I go faster?

Alpha Geek: Dive.

(On the nearby couch, The Director started giggling.)

Bertha: Wheeee!

Alpha Geek: And it’s a good flight simulator. The physics are very realistic.

Bertha: I just did a loop-the-loop!

Alpha Geek: In a Cessna 172?! How did you do that without crashing?

Bertha: Maybe not completely realistic.

The Director cracked up.