The Stupid, It Burns

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Dec 172011

Friday, we got the 2012 DVD from Netflix. I rented it for The Artist, who loves stupid disaster movies. I think his favorite part is the commentary from his parents.

2012 Scientist: Temperatures are rising with incredible velocity across the globe!

Me: Temperature doesn’t have velocity!

Alpha Geek: No, no. You can’t be this outraged already, the stupidity level is only about a five. You have to tone it down so you’ll have room left for the real stupidity.

I’m so glad I didn’t pay ten bucks a head to see that movie.

Theater Fail

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Jun 122011

We went to see X-Men: First Class last night. Quite a good film, I thought.

Except for the fact that the film was in 2D, but the theater staff never bothered to remove the 3D filter from the camera. So of course the film was darker than it should have been, with muted colors.

I don’t know if no one else ever notices how drab movies look now, or if they don’t know what’s causing it. But I think if I’m paying ten bucks a head to get into the damn movie, the least they can do is take the 3D filter off so it looks better than it would on my TV at home.

Speculation on the Future of Cinema

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Mar 222010

Director: I wish our TV could do vertical and horizontal polarization so it could show Avatar in 3D.

Me: That will probably be the next big thing. Right now 3D is their way of getting people back into theatres.

Director: What will they do to get us into the theatre when we have 3D on our televisions?

Me: I guess they’ll have to perfect Smell-O-Vision.

Director: Oh, God.