My Uterus Is On To Me

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Oct 132014

(Warning: Menstrual TMI)

Friday’s the big day. I think my uterus is suspicious, the pills the doc gave me are less and less effective at preventing menstruation. At first I was just spotting a little, then a few weeks later it changed to a light period. A few weeks after that, a normal period.

Over the weekend it’s gotten heavier, this morning I’m having a fairly heavy flow and starting to pass some larger clots—not the palm-sized horrors I was seeing before, but still pretty alarming. And of course I get a sampling of the cramping and queasiness I used to have.

I don’t think a heavy period can undo all my hemoglobin improvements in four days. I just need to hold out until Friday and we can get the damn thing out before it kills me.

Catching Up

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Jul 292014

The doctor wants me to come in and get another blood draw on August 11. Hopefully at that point the hemoglobin count will be improved enough to go ahead and schedule the damn surgery. How long does it take to make blood cells, anyway? I should investigate that.

I still get winded when I come upstairs from the basement, but at least now I only need to sit for a minute to recover (rather than collapsing on the couch and panting for a quarter of an hour). The men I live with have gotten all solicitous. The Artist checks on me daily, asking how I’m feeling. I think he’s got a better idea than the other two of how long the problem has been going on; when we went to Florida my stupid period kicked in (a few days early, I had hoped it would hold off until we got back) and I had to ask him to drive for much of it because I was too dizzy to do so safely. So he’s been worried about me a while longer than the other two.

The hormone pills the doc prescribed for me are doing their job, preventing me from menstruating. I’m being very conscientious about taking them. At this point I’m four days past when my period should have started, and I have this irrational conviction that if I miss a damn pill my period will immediately begin full force and probably kill me. Then my uterus will finally be free to rampage through the city, maiming and pillaging and wreaking havoc as it clearly wants to do. I’M DOING THIS FOR THE GREATER GOOD, I TELL YOU.

Stupid Defective Body

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Jul 032014

So I saw the surgeon, had the biopsy, had some blood drawn, scheduled the surgery. Told everyone at work when I’d be gone, marked it on the calendar.

Last night got a voicemail from the doc. Seems my hemoglobin count is, and I quote, “dangerously low”—she said if I haven’t stopped menstruating yet we need to do a transfusion (luckily it’s stopped… for now). It’s too low to safely perform the surgery, so we have to postpone it until we can get the red blood count back up.

Goddammit, if I’m going to do this I want to get it over with.

At least this is confirmation that this is a medical necessity. It also explains why I’ve been so tired lately. For the last few months I’ve been going to bed at seven or eight, and grogging around uselessly on weekends. I thought it was because Alpha Geek’s CPAP machine sometimes wakes me up so I wasn’t sleeping well. Now I’m thinking it’s because I’m just that freaking anemic.