May 052011

Alpha Geek started working on his pilot’s license years ago. I wanted to do likewise, but decided instead to spend the money getting a degree in accounting. The degree, I reasoned, would enable me to find a well-paying job that would then finance getting the license.

Seems I wasted my money. I graduated right about the time the economy tanked, and ever since I have been competing for jobs with highly-experienced professionals who got laid off of their twenty-year positions as corporate CPAs, or something. I shoulda just spent the dough on the license.

Oh well. If I can’t fly ’em, at least I can be around ’em. I joined the flying club as an associate member or somesuch, which means I’m a member but I don’t fly. In my application letter I said I’d just like to be able to come to maintenance night and fondle the airplanes. Then I changed the active verb to “be around.”

Honestly, I think they would have been okay with the first version. These are people who love planes.

Last night I went to my first maintenance night and helped them do 50-hour maintenance on a couple of Piper Warriors.

And by “helped,” I mean I followed them around and watched everything and asked a lot of questions. And fondled the airplanes.

I Need to Win the Lottery

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Oct 112009

The regional airport where Alpha Geek’s flying club is based had a big “Family Fun Day.” They left the gates wide open and allowed the general public to come and go as they pleased. The various clubs and organizations based there were offering hot dogs and hamburgers and sodas. There was a biplane giving rides. There was a C-130 parked on the larger ramp (I didn’t even realize that runway was long enough for a C-130 to land on).

And several pilots brought their planes for sale out to get a good showing.

One of them was a Cessna 172. It’s in great shape, for a great price. Alpha Geek really, really likes it.

A few miles away from the airport, a new subdivision is under development. They’re selling plots of land, on which you can custom-build your own house. Practically unheard-of out here, where the developers stamp out their cookie-cutter subdivisions and you have to just take what’s already there.

We were wandering around the airport this afternoon, tossing around ideas like buying that airplane, buying one of those plots, and custom-building a house within walking distance of the airport.

You know, I don’t need to win a big lottery. Half a million would more than suffice.

I’d probably have more of a chance if I actually played the lottery. Although not enough of one to actually bother playing it. Then again, apparently it’s a better chance than I have of finding a damn job.