Job Requirement Inflation

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Jun 102013

When I was working on my A.A.S., the job ads for entry-level accountants all wanted a year or two of experience and a high school diploma. I was reasonably hopeful that the two-year degree would be an acceptable substitute for a year of experience.

By the time I graduated, the economy had tanked and there were a lot of out-of-work accountants looking for work. The ads I saw as I started looking for work were asking for three to five years of experience, and a high school diploma. (For the record, it took me a year and a half to land a job.)

Now I’m starting to scope out the help-wanteds again. I feel like I’ve gotten a little experience under my belt, and I’m ready for a job with a bigger company that can offer me medical insurance (seriously, the premiums are eating us alive).

It’s probably because I’m starting to look at jobs on a higher rung of the ladder, but now they all want three to five years of experience… and a bachelor’s degree in accounting.


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May 242013

The Boss is freaking out about money. I can understand why; he’s sunk a lot of money into New Company, and he also has a fairly expensive hobby (buying and restoring old cars).

He has assigned me a top-priority project to get our customers to pay more quickly. And there are things I can do in that vein; I’ve been signing us up to receive payments by electronic bank transfer with anyone who offers it, and I’m working on getting us set up to accept payments via Web so I can e-mail invoices and have customers (hopefully) just click a link and pay.

But what Boss wants is to get them to pay within five days of receiving the invoice, ten at most. And I just don’t think that’s going to be terribly feasible. Companies pay their bills according to their own cash flow and payment processing schedule, and it usually takes a couple of weeks at least. I’m sure we can get a little better turnaround for some of the big customers that take over a month to pay us, but I’m skeptical of our ability to get it down to less than a week.

Still, we’ll see how it goes.

In other news, I applied for a job last night. I’m not actively looking for a job, but one cropped up in my LinkedIn feed that’s essentially the same job I’m doing now, with a comparable rate of pay but excellent benefits. I would really, really like to have health benefits.

I doubt I’ll hear from them—I didn’t spend any time customizing my resume with keywords specific to the particular job, I just made sure the info was up-to-date and sent it off. But it’s about time to get back into practice with job-hunting. I’ve been working here for a couple of years now, which is enough experience that I can reasonably start looking for something with more room to grow.

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Working on the Weekend

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Sep 052012

The girl in charge of billing has drastically cut back her hours over the last year.  She’s working on her nursing degree, so this job is a little extra income for her.  But at this point she’s only coming in on Saturdays, and not even every Saturday, so we’ve decided the office admin and myself will learn how to do the invoicing and ACH billing and whatnot, so we can keep up better and have staff available during the week who can answer clients’ questions.

So I’ll be going in on Saturday so she can walk me through her process, and I’ll get some hands-on experience with invoicing and billing to add to my repertoire.

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