Today in Class

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Jan 252011

We all filed in to the history class, took off coats, got out pencils and paper, settled in.

Our teacher walked in, put down her notes, sat down in her chair, and said “Now… do we have a test today?”

For about ten seconds you could have heard a pin drop. Class full of deer-in-headlight stares.

Who would have thought such a sweet-looking little lady would have such a sadistic laugh.

(No, the test is next week.)


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Jan 052011

Less than a week into 2011, and I’m already enjoying my first cold of the year. Not the worst cold I’ve had, but I still feel crappy and off-kilter. The Director has been home sick all week, and yesterday the creeping crud caught Alpha Geek. So far the Artist seems to have escaped the plague.

The weird thing? This is the first time in decades that I’ve caught a cold when I wasn’t about to start my period. Usually I manage to miss them unless they come through the household during that premenstrual window.

This morning I went to interview for the master’s program at NCSU. Hopefully I didn’t suck too badly, despite the sore throat, sniffles, and general malaise.

Tomorrow’s the first day of class at the community college, as well—since I’ll be on campus, I can drop by the offices of the teachers I’ve e-mailed for recommendations, and get a definite yea or nay from them. Next week I take the GMAT, which is like an SAT for graduate school. The deadline for all this stuff is a couple months off, but I figure the sooner the better…


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Dec 222010

Since Alpha Geek and I were thinking I should maybe go for my Master’s in Accounting, I went online at NCSU and applied. I figured it’s too late to get in this year, so I’d get an early start for the fall applications. Hopefully by the time I heard anything else about it, we would have gotten a few marketing campaigns going for his business and hence generated the revenue to pay for the education.

Today I got a call from NCSU. They wanted to schedule an interview for the first week of January.

Holy crap.