Jul 232002

The pair stood at the portal, gazing at the ruins beyond.

“Elder, what is it?” asked the younger of the two. “It looks like something half-made.”

“That’s exactly what it is, my child,” replied the older. “Long ago, this was a bathroom–much like the one we use down the hall. But it was leaking water into the Lower Lands, and so we performed the rites to summon a Contractor.”

The young one’s eyes went round. “A Contractor?” he gasped. “I have heard of these creatures, but I have never seen one!”

“None living have,” sighed the elder. “For it was ages past that we shut off the Master Bathroom and summoned the Contractor, and yet the work is not complete. Sometimes we hear strange sounds and movement from the other side of the portal, and some say the ruins within look different from day to day. Yet it may be many generations yet before we can again sit upon the throne therein.”

They gazed through the portal some time longer. The desolation within seemed all the sadder for the few recognizable structures it contained. The young one drew himself up.

“I will see the Master Bathroom rebuilt within my lifetime, Elder,” he proclaimed. “I will study the rituals, and make the offerings, and I will do whatever it takes to have the Contractor finish! Our people shall have two bathrooms once again!”

So saying, he turned and strode purposefully down the hall, straight of back and clear of eye. The elder watched him go.

“I hope you’re right, my child,” he said quietly to himself. “Long have we awaited the Completion. I hope you’re right.”

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