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A wealthy russian farmer was once walking in his fields with his wife.

As usual, the wife was bitching away, and the farmer said nothing until they got near a well, where he suddenly pushed his wife into the well.

A week later, the farmer came back to the well, and lowered the bucket down so his wife could get out.

However, instead of his wife, he got the devil out, who was so thankful that the farmer pulled him out of his predicament that he gave him a herb. The devil told the farmer that in a few weeks, he would hear of a princess being possessed by the devil, and that he should get to her, and burn the herb in her presence; at that time, the devil would flee and the Czar would give him the princess to marry as a reward.

So, as expected, a few weeks later, the farmer heard about a princess possessed by the devil, and all priests were powerless to exorcise the devil. So he went to the capital, and managed to meet the Czar who told him that it better work, otherwise he’ll be beheaded.

He got to the princess’ room, pulled out the herbs and burned them. The devil fled at once, but not without telling the farmer that “being even, we have nothing between us anymore”.

The Czar gave him the princess to marry.

* * *

Many years go by, and then another princess was possessed by the devil.

Of course, the ex-farmer was solicited but he refused, until he was threatened by war. So he grudgingly went to the other princess, and once there, the devil recognized him and said, “What the hell? I told you there is nothing anymore between us!!!”

“It’s not for that,” said the ex-farmer, “I’m just here to warn you that my wife got out of the well, and she is looking for you.”

The devil fled at once, never to be heard from again…

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