Feb 182003

Busy couple of weeks here. My mate got laid off from his job (which is probably a good thing, as they are starting to show up on FuckedCompany.com). Now he’s working on starting up a local branch of Nerds On Site. I think he’ll do well with it; it’s the kind of thing he’s really good at, and we’ve already got one other guy signed up who is also smart and motivated and will be a really great asset to the endeavor.

The Nerdmobile

So the last couple of weeks has involved a fair amount of mad dashing around for both of us, him getting things set up and trying to work through the vague, contradictory tangle of state business tax regulations, and me just generally trying to keep everything else running smoothly so he can focus on that. The last couple of days everything’s been closed because of the latest winter storm in the area. Which on the one hand means we don’t have to dash madly about doing things—but on the other hand the kids and I are about to go stir-crazy being stuck in the house. Fortunately it looks like they’ll be going back to school tomorrow.

And yes, I know the archive section is messed up. I’ve been playing around with the page in my free time, which I don’t have a lot of. But I figure it’s not like a lot of people are actually reading this blog.

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