Mar 212003

Someone from my cell phone company just called to see how I’m getting on with the new phone.

“Ma’am, I notice your e-mail address is unlisted, may I have your e-mail address?”

“What for?”

“So that we can contact you.”

“You just did contact me.”

“Well, sometimes we send out promotional information about the services.”

“I really don’t want any promotional information about the services.”

I’m sure their promotional information is very interesting and informative, but I’m already swamped with so much input from many, many sources. My goal of late is to reduce the amount of extraneous information that’s coming in. I don’t need it, can’t process all of it, and have to spend time prioritizing what I need to pay attention to and what can be discarded. So if I need promotional information about something, I know where to find their website.

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