May 102003

It can get frustrating being a geek wannabe. Often you flail around for a long time figuring out how to do something you think is pretty neat, but wiser geeks think is a piece of cake and non-geeks can’t understand why you’re so pleased with yourself about it. Last week I spent some time setting up a web page for a group of friends I play online with, and my spiffy little layout—which looked just fine in Mozilla—broke all to hell when I viewed it with Internet Explorer. I determined this is because IE doesn’t implement the CSS box model correctly, found a hack that would work around the problem, and everything was fine.

Six months ago I would have floundered around for two or three days trying to do that. Hell, six months ago I ran across this hack, and thought to myself, “I’ll never do anything complex enough to need that.” So I was feeling pretty pleased with myself about a) making it work at all, and b) figuring it out in twenty minutes. And the only person on hand to hear me crow about it was my good buddy Judge. Luckily he actually seemed interested, even if it’s just because he likes me and I was obviously all excited about it.

Maybe my problem is that I’m too easily impressed.

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  1. Of course I’m interested!

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