Nov 192003

The weather guys said we were going to get some rain today—at least, that’s what they said yesterday. Today they said we were going to get a lot of rain today, and an “isolated tornado,” whatever that means. And we certainly did get a lot of rain.

At one point it was pouring down so furiously I could barely see the house across the street. I went to go sit on the back porch to watch the rain, but it was coming down so hard that it was splashing back up and spraying onto the porch. Everything out there was soaked, despite being under an overhang.

I’d figured Phurball would be hiding out under my car, but he was crouched on the back porch looking utterly wretched. As soon as I opened the back door he leapt up and ran to me. I think he believes I came to open that door specifically just to let him come in; he’s been my inseparable buddy ever since, curling up next to me on the couch when I sat down to write a letter and purring thunderously until he fell asleep.

The rain has slacked off now, but the air has that super-crisp look to it and everything stands out so sharp and clear that I keep looking for the “Life as Canon sees it” tagline. I guess Canon’s ad campaign in National Geo has been effective.

The weather has got me all restless and unsettled as well; I haven’t accomplished much today. Whenever I sit down and try to write my thoughts just fade into mental static. I feel like Ted Striker in Airplane!: “I’ve got to concentrate… concentrateconcentrate…” I ought to give up on writing for the day and go clean the shower; that shouldn’t take a whole lot of mental focus.

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