Dec 102003

There’s a reason my blog entries are so sparse. I have a very boring life. Here, let us sample a typical day at Casa Bertha… wavy lines…

Six a.m., I wake up. I start water boiling for tea for my mate, pack lunch for my eldest son, get into my sweat pants and sneakers. By then it’s time to start trying to rouse my mate and eldest son from the bed. This is a non-trivial task. I have been known to resort to squirting them with a water bottle. While my mate is in the shower, I make the bed, on the theory that this will help prevent him from going back to sleep in it. I have no evidential basis for this theory. If anything the opposite, as I have known him to go back to sleep in a made bed. But the theory provides me with some marginal motivation to get the bed made, so I let it stay.

Once I get them off to school and work, I give the younger son a shake so he’ll start getting up and dressed. I go downstairs and do Denise Austin‘s daily workout show, and three days a week also run on the treadmill. Yeah, I know, it all just reeks of middle-aged suburbia—but let’s face it, something must be done about my ass, before it grows big enough to destabilize the Earth’s orbit.

After that I have a shower and get my little guy ready for school, and off he goes. Then I come home and spend about forty-five minutes writing. Most of what I write is pure crap, but now and then something worthwhile turns up, so I keep doing it on the theory that if I generate enough crap, eventually I’ll have also generated enough non-crap to put together something decent. Like my theory on bed-making, I have no evidence with which to support this theory, I just keep it around as a motivational tool.

After that I work around the house, and/or run errands, until it’s time to go pick up son #1. Then comes the daily struggle to get him to do his homework. If the weather is nice, I might work in the yard until it’s time to get son #2, and commence the struggle to get him to do his homework. After that it’s largely kid-induced chaos until bedtime, which comes too early for them and not nearly soon enough for their weary parents. Then the mate and I might watch television together for an hour or so before we stagger off to bed ourselves.

So there you have it. Dull, dull, dull. Which is why I rarely have anything to enter in the blog. It’s boring enough to live it, who wants to read about it?


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