Dec 182003

Damn. Christmas break hasn’t even started yet and I’m already going stir crazy. Sprog #2 has been home sick since Tuesday, which means I’ve been stuck in the house except for dragging the poor kid along to get some prescriptions refilled. I’m so sick of being chained to the house. And the next two weeks are school vacations, and both the sprogs will be home, getting bored and underfoot.

Days like this, it feels like the whole world is speeding past while I sit on the sidelines, forgotten. My only purpose in life seems to be to watch the sproggen until they reach the age of majority. I’m not doing anything special or unique, any warm body could fill my place. I suspect any tech skills I might have had while working have leeched away through lack of use; at this point being a warm body is about all I’m good for anyway.

In a compilation of short vampire stories, I read one about a woman whose husband and children were vampires. They didn’t do anything so prosaic as sucking blood; instead they drained the vitality and character out of her, slowly, day by day. At the end of the story there was nothing of her personality left, just a hollow shell going through the motions, and they all lovingly said goodbye to what was left of her and went out into the world to lead their lives. Now that’s some scary shit.

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