Dec 242003

A few months ago I submitted a short story to a children’s magazine. And yesterday I got my very first rejection letter:

Check it out! Completely impersonal boilerplate. One of thousands they crank out every week, but this one is all mine. Woo hoo!

I’m sure the novelty will wear off after I’ve gotten a few dozen of these, but for now I feel like a real writer. (Can I say that if I’m not actually getting paid for it?)

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  One Response to “My First-Ever Rejection Letter”

  1. Heh. DH says you can’t say that until you’ve got a collection of rejection slips… But congratulations, you’ve made a good start. ;)

    Me, I say, yes. you can say it. (I’ve only got ONE rejection slip, but I’m a real writer…)


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