Feb 292004

Rather than doing anything remotely constructive with my Saturday afternoon, like going outside and watching the snow melt, I spent it reading about retail hell. Been there, done that, sold the t-shirt.

Later that evening I went to watch Belly Revelations, as my friend Romilly was performing with the local troupe. They were great, and unveiled their new eye-catching tiger-stripe troupe costumes. I want to make one and just wear it around the house. Wouldn’t the UPS guy be surprised when I came to the door?

The featured performer was a lady named Dalia Carella. Now, don’t mistake me, I thought all the performers were great. But there’s definitely a reason she gets top billing—she makes most other dancers look like, well, me. She went flowing across the stage like a river set to music, and if some of us forgot to applaud when she was done
it was only because our hands were busy collecting our jaw from the floor.

I sure hope someone got pictures.

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  1. Dalia is, wonderful, isn’t she? As one of the Flowers of the Desert (aka the Tiger Women hee hee) I was honored to be able to take her workshop last weekend. She tried to kill us, but we’re all better for it. :)

    She’s in a show in New York based on the life of Ruth St.Denis (early century fusion dancer) that promises to be stunning: In search of a goddess (http://insearchofagoddess.com)

    And, of course, she has her own home page in case you’re looking for workshops or New York classes/performances:
    Dalia Carella (http://www.daliacarella.com)

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