Mar 162004

I quit my part-time job. Just not interested in being phone support; it’s not what I signed on for. (Have I mentioned how much I hate talking on the phone?)

So I’m unemployed now. Doesn’t that mean I’m supposed to have lots of free time to lounge around on the couch watching television, or something? I think I have less free time now than I did when I was employed. Tons of work to do around the place. Errands to run. A mortgage to refinance. An ailing grandma to check up on. And, of course, the million or so personal things I’d like to do, learn, or accomplish. Who has time for TV?

Clearly I’m doing something wrong here. Aren’t unemployed people supposed to have loads of free time? Somebody send me the manual, please. Right now I’ve gotta go get the clothes out of the dryer.

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