May 092004

I dunno, it seems to me like it’s just another fake holiday tricked up to sell more merchandise. But what the hell, I love my moms—my real one and the one I got via marriage—so I’ll go along with it and get them flowers and/or candy, maybe even a card. And it’s nice when the kids come home from school with their handmade gifts, made just for me.

But when, exactly, did it become part of this little annual tradition that my husband is supposed to get me a Mother’s Day present?

Apparently lots of guys are doing this. I suppose I’m also supposed to be getting him things for Father’s Day. Probably the justification is that he’s expected to show appreciation for the mother of his children, or some similar roundabout crap meant to sell more sparkly geegaws to the masses.

Obviously I’m in a minority here, but I don’t buy it. I’m not his mother, and I think he shows his appreciation every day by slogging through his stressful job so the mother of his children can stay home with them. Maybe this kind of twisted Oedipal thing rocks the boat for the majority of people, but I just can’t get into it. So don’t be trying to guilt my mate because he’s not buying me crap for Mother’s day; the construction-paper flowers my kids made are more than enough for me.

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  1. I realize this is a few months late, but….

    My mother always gets a Mother’s Day card from my dad. When my grandmother was alive, my brother and I were supposed to buy them for her, too.

    What holds for one family, though, obviously doesn’t hold for every other family. I rather share your sentiment that giving Mother’s Day cards to anyone but your own mother, or perhaps step-mother if you’re close to her, is silly, and that cards designed for same only came into being because Hallmark decided there was “a need.” Same is true w/r/t Father’s Day and anyone else besides one’s own sire and/or step-sire.

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