Jan 152005

Once again I’m fiddling with my blog page. I’ve decided I want to have another go at the cool CSS menus that Eric Meyers has on his page. Of course, I’m not the web guru that he is, so it’ll take me a lot of fiddling and tweaking, but I’m learning about parent/child elements in the process (I hope).

Of course, most of my friends read my blog through the Livejournal copy, so they won’t see it anyway. One of these days I plan to figure out how to get the RSS feed over there working so I don’t have to copy and paste every time I make a post. (I had a script to do it with Movable Type, but I haven’t bothered to make that work with WordPress because an RSS feed would be better, dammit.)

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  4 Responses to “Can’t leave well enough alone”

  1. I tried to fiddle with an RSS feed but never could figure it all out; thankfully, the program I installed on my server generates one for me.

  2. Yeah, fortunately WordPress makes RSS for me as well–I just have to figure out how to make LiveJournal use it.

  3. ooh. Thanks for the link to CSS menus. Neat stuff. Of course, being able to see them as you plan depends on which your browser you use.

    I neeed to install a few more browsers on this machine so I can see what differences are seen on pages.

  4. Yeah, my old machine had VMware on it with several different versions of IE and other browsers. Haven’t got that up on this one yet, but then it’s not like many people look at my site so it’s not a huge accessibility issue–just a little sandbox for me to play in.

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