Mar 062005

I’ve been working on some site design for a friend of mine. It’s not like I’m an experienced web designer, but I work for free, which in this case is fairly important.

Having used WordPress on my site, I thought it would do the job for his fairly well—I’d let WordPress handle the advanced job of content management, leaving me to fiddle with the layout.

WordPress released a new version a few weeks ago. Might as well use the newest version, and as long as I’m at it, upgrade my own site.

Looks like WordPress made quite a few changes! I initially saved my old index.php file to use, but it turns out they’ve changed the setup so much that this wasn’t feasible—the old one didn’t work properly. So I’ve put in all the new files, and currently my site doesn’t look like my site because I haven’t got around to fiddling with the default layout. Instead I’ve been re-inserting my ljautoupdate hack, which lets me post simultaneously to my blog and to livejournal. This would be better as a plugin so I wouldn’t have to redo it every time there’s an update, but hell, it’s not like I can write one myself so I’ll take what I can get.

Now that that’s working again, it’s time to figure out the new setup so I can get my blog looking like it should again, which will also teach me how to do it for my friend’s site. I probably could do it faster if there wasn’t a rampaging troupe of buffalo carousing through the house at random intervals. No wait, those are my kids.

And on another note, those of my friends who occasionally post private, friends-only messages to LiveJournal, you’ll probably want to go back and delete them now. There’s a service called frienditto that allows you to archive your friends’ posts from livejournal—even the posts your friends have marked as “friends only.” So if someone you’ve friended is using this service, your friends-only posts may now be archived and viewable without that restriction.

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