Jun 212005

This is one of the many home maintenance chores I’ve been avoiding. This summer I’m attempting to actually get more done than the basic laundry/dishes type things.

Porch railing, unpainted

You might notice the new end caps on the front posts. The post on the right has started to rot. We didn’t notice this for a while, as it looked the same—then I happened to put my hand down on the top of the post and discovered a large soft area right in the middle. The soft area went down about six inches. What we really need to do is replace the entire post—but the damn thing is embedded in concrete, so that would be a larger project than I’m prepared to tackle at this stage.

So we got all the rotted wood out and covered it with a newer cap to keep it from getting worse. I’ve scraped and sanded the old railings, and in this photo they’ve just been washed down. Later this afternoon I’ll be painting them. I tell you, my life is a mad whirl of fun and excitement. (Actually I’d much rather be doing this than most of the housework-type crap.)

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