Oct 072005

It’s all Romilly’s fault. We were up at A. C. Moore’s yesterday with Meriwynn (who has also been seduced to the Dark Side), and they were having such a good time frolicking in the yarn that I wound up frolicking with them. Now I’ve got a cable-knit sweater pattern, some worsted-weight yarn, and a couple of knitting needles. What the hell am I going to do with that? My mom-by-marriage showed me how to knit once, and I seem to remember about half of it—I remember the knit, but I keep getting tangled up on the purl, in spite of some very nice online diagrams. I’ll have to get either Mum or Romi to show me how again.

Of course, Ginny was also a bad influence, with all her posts about her scarves and hats and monitor cozies.

As if that weren’t enough, I then dropped by a local needlework store to pick up some skeins of Anchor floss for a project. I need two colors. Wound up getting seven or eight, because right next to the ones I wanted were all these pretty skeins of variegated thread. And on the way to the cash register I passed by racks and racks of charts, and I haven’t looked at cross-stitch charts in just ages so I paused for a moment to glance over them. Next thing I know my poor sprog is saying “Mom, how much longer are we going to be here?” and I find myself with an armload of charts and a fist full of fancy embroidery floss. This is why I don’t go to the needlework store very often. But I did get a 10% discount because I’m in the EGA.

In a little while I’ll see if I can’t ambush Romi at work for directions. Meanwhile I’m going to gloat over my new stash. I think this is why most stitchers like dragons so much. Dragons got their gold and treasure, we’ve got our stash. Hands off the pretty colors, they’re mine!

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