Dec 092005

…and she’s still up on the mantel.

She did come down at some point during the night to use the improvised litter box I set up for her on the hearth. I was reassured to know that 1) she can get down if she wants to, and 2) she knows where the litter box is.

The cat we found

We’re getting a really weird vibe from this cat. Any cat is nervous when in a strange place, but normally after the first day even the most timid cat will begin to explore and get settled. She remains huddled on the hearth, watching us all go about our day. I’d almost say she isn’t used to being around people, but she’s obviously well-cared for and she likes for us to come over and pet her. She just won’t come down and join us, even when things are calm and quiet.

She really hates to be picked up. My husband tried to lift her down gently last night; she didn’t mind having his hands around her, but as soon as her feet left the surface she freaked and scrambled to get back down. He tried sitting down nearby and patting his leg to invite her to sit on his lap; she was very interested, but stayed on the mantel. So she’s been up there all day, and every so often one of us will go over to talk to her and pet her a little.

The local paper will let you put lost/found pet notices in the classifieds section for free; ours will start today and run through Tuesday. So we’ve agreed to keep her until Wednesday; if nobody has called to claim her by then, I’ll have to take her to a shelter. Since she’s young, friendly, and healthy, her chances of adoption should be good.

Meanwhile, since she’ll be with us for a little while, I went and bought some young-cat food for her. She’s got a good appetite—after spending the last few years coaxing Phurball to eat so he wouldn’t lose too much weight, I’d forgotten how much a healthy young cat will eat. Rather than feed her the expensive food I get for Phurball (special food for cats with bad kidneys), I thought it best to buy her some less-pricey kibble. And as long as I was buying food for her, I might as well buy the kind formulated for cats less than a year old.

Phurball asleep on the bed

Phurball hasn’t complained much; yesterday the vet came by to give him his yearly vaccinations, and he’s generally pretty sleepy for a day or two afterwards. He’s spent the day dozing on the bed.

I hope someone calls. I don’t want to have to take her to a shelter.

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