Apr 302006

He’s deteriorating visibly now; he’s what we Southerners call “failing.” He stays outside all the time, unless I bring him inside; then he sits in my lap for a few minutes and goes back to the door to demand to be let out. I thought about making him stay inside, but my son reminded me that the last time I tried it Phurball expressed his displeasure by peeing everywhere.

Naturally being outside means he doesn’t get much to eat. I go out a few times a day with a handful of kibble, but he doesn’t have a lot of interest in it. Mostly he just wants to doze in the sun and be left alone. He doesn’t seem to be suffering, although watching him when he does stand up and walk is painful, because his joints are stiff and he’s terribly weak.

I suspect that by next week we will no longer have a cat.

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