Aug 202006

Last week was my first week of class. (Half-week, actually, because it started on Wednesday.) Naturally on Wednesday night I started coming down with a cold. Someone out there in the cosmos clearly is having a little joke at my expense.

Almost a month before classes started, I had gone on the campus bookstore’s web page and ordered all my books. Turned out the bookstore didn’t have all the correct information for the fall semester: after I’d been to all my classes, I had to take two of my books back and replace them with the actual books needed for the class. I was not the only one doing this and the poor bookstore staff was quite harried, but they managed to remain good-natured and helpful for the hour or so that I was waiting in line. Goodness knows what shape they were in by the weekend, but so far I haven’t heard of any shooting sprees.

The college has a system for classes that are required for a curriculum but you already know the material—you can take a “challenge exam” that tests you on it, and if you score high enough you can skip the class. I took one Friday night for the “Basic PC Literacy” class that’s required for the accounting curriculum. I’m fairly sure I passed it.

I’ve already had homework, too. I’ve done it. I try to get to class early, which isn’t always easy when there’s ten minutes between each of ’em. I sit near the front and pipe up whenever the teacher solicits class input. I take notes on lectures and reading assignments. I intend to be the perfect little brown-nosing teacher’s pet, and when the inevitable crisis happens that causes me to miss a class I’ll be much more likely to get slack for it. Maybe I’ll be lucky and there won’t be a slack-requiring crisis, but it’s always good to be prepared.

dancing frog

No doubt this is one of the more boring entries I’ve ever posted, but with a hectic week behind and a more hectic week ahead, I don’t really give a crap. If you want to be entertained, here’s a dancing frog. See the frog dance. Whee!

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