Dec 202006

im in ur water munchin ur crackhedz

Yeah, I know, the crackhead-munching gator is old news. I been busy. For one thing, I’ve been busting my buns at the local community college, taking thirteen credit hours in their two-year accounting program. We just finished up last week. In fact, today I finally got around to checking my grades online—turns out I made straight A’s this semester. Woot!

The other thing keeping me busy was helping out a close friend. I won’t go into detail in a public blog; suffice to say she’s had some major upheaval in her life recently, and our circle of friends has all been pitching in to help get things smoothed out again. And of course there’s still the various home maintenance chores, spending time with the family, and getting ready for the holidays, and before I know it Christmas is a week away and I haven’t sent out my cards yet. So when all my friends and family get Christmas cards some time in mid-January: I had them a month ago, I really, really did. I just somehow never got around to sending them.

The blog’s not the only thing that’s been neglected lately. I’ve fallen off my informal exercise routine, and apparently my weight has been creeping up as a result. I didn’t really notice it since I don’t normally think about it much, until one morning I realized my once-loose jeans were now uncomfortably snug. I looked around at my husband and said mournfully, “I’m a big fatass.”

He patted my arm. “That’s okay,” he said. “I love you even if you are a big fatass.”

I’ll probably try to do something about it next year. But right now my vacation is just starting, and I say screw it—I’ll wear my sweat pants and pig out on honey-baked ham and Moravian spice cookies.

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