Feb 262007

Friday morning I booted up as usual, checked my mail and my LJ friends page, shut down and headed off to class.

Friday afternoon I turned on the computer to start on my homework (kids: “You have homework on weekends?” Yep, and if you make it into college, so will you). Got the usual booting screen, but instead of a login screen it all went black.

Tried power cycling it. Nada.

My mate, the alpha geek, had a look at it Saturday. Seems my password database got corrupted somehow. He might have been able to drag it back from the dead, but it would have taken a lot of work and he already does that kind of thing all day long. Anything I care about was saved to the server anyway, so I told him to just wipe it and re-install Windows from scratch. I’ve spent most of today re-installing software and re-configuring most of it to find the data files in my server directory.

In other news, my grandmother is back in the hospital. Hopefully she’ll be out in a week or two. I’m going to try and go by to see her today or tomorrow.

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