Jun 282007

Yesterday I took an online quiz, for my online Managerial Accounting class.

I’d done the online assignments. I’d done the homework, and all the “extra problems” assigned to give us more practice if we needed it. I’d felt like I understood how to do the homework problems pretty well.

Then I got into the quiz, and none of the problems in the quiz looked anything like the problems in the homework.

I was sure I was flunking it. Each quiz is ten questions, and with each question I was more and more certain I was going to be lucky to get half of them right. I worried whether I would be able to pass the course at all. I wondered if I shouldn’t withdraw from the class now, while I can still do so without affecting my grade point average.

I slugged gamely through the quiz, giving each question my best shot, then braced myself and submitted it for grading. (One nice thing about online tests—instant grade.)

I got 9 out of 10 right.


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