Sep 092007

A couple of years ago, my gynecologist mentioned that I should probably have a mammogram.

Last year, my doctor suggested I go ahead and get a mammogram.

This year as soon as I logged on Campus Cruiser to check my e-mail, I saw an announcement about the Rex Mobile Mammography unit coming for a visit next month.


So Friday I bit the bullet and called Rex Mobile Mammography to make an appointment to have my tits squished to within an inch of their lives.

“Oh, all our appointment slots are full, and there’s a long waiting list,” said the lady on the other end of the phone. “But we’ll be at the other campus locations. Sign up early, they go fast!”

After I hung up I IM’d my husband:

Rex mamm appts all taken – no squishy bewb 4 me

He replied:

U should still get it done, squishy bewb better than cancerous bewb.

The world is determined to squish ’em. What has everyone got against my bewbs? They never hurt nobody.

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