Oct 082007

Last Wednesday, the van wouldn’t start. I’d turn the key, it would go “hng hng hng” but it wouldn’t actually start. Called a tow company and had it towed out to the repair shop that I always use. The tow driver tried starting it as well before we pushed it out of the driveway. Then I called mom to give me a ride to classes.

The downside of a really good repair shop is that they’re generally really busy. They were able to get to it Friday morning; it started just fine for them. Of course.

They kept it all day, trying it off and and on to see if they could reproduce the problem. No luck. So Friday night we went and fetched it home again.

This afternoon I went to give my friend Jade a ride to the doctor’s office. No problems all the way out to her house (she lives in a city just southeast of mine). But as soon as we pulled out of her driveway the “OMG SO HOT!!” light came on. The temperature gauge was in the red. It cooled down as long as I was moving, but as soon as I’d stop at a light it would swing over into the red again.

So we pulled over into a Wal-Mart parking lot and called Guardian to come to our rescue. Looks like one of the radiator fans has stopped working.


I guess I should be glad that it decided to crap out during our break from classes. But I had kind of hoped to get a little more done in the way of errands while school was out. Dry cleaning to drop off and pick up. Checks to deposit. And I had a box of goodies to ship to my soldier.

My husband needs to hurry up and get his next car so I can take over his old one.

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