Apr 212008

Our big huge semester-long project was due today.

The cafeteria was strangely empty at lunch. I was looking around wondering where all my accounting buddies were. Where’s the Sweet, Studious Boy? Where’s Energetic Outgoing Guy, or Sociable Senior Student, or Tall Brainy Dude?*

Just before class started, Tall Brainy Dude strolled in looking amused. “There were, like, eighteen people in the ILC**, finishing this project,” he informed us. Part of his amusement was that he was one of those people. “I had a choice over the weekend to work on this, or play video games with my friends,” he added later. “I made a bad choice.”

Schadenfreude isn’t nearly as much fun as I thought it would be. I figured I’d get to sit around feeling all smug and superior because I turned mine in weeks ago, but instead I just felt bad for all the people scrambling to make the deadline. Been there too many times myself, I guess.

Still, the instructor is a lot nicer than I would be about it—if they’re turned in late, he’s just going to mark off 10% of the grade for each day overdue. If it were me, I wouldn’t accept them late, period. So I haven’t completely forsaken bitchiness.

Oh yeah, the test I was fretting about because I’d finished it so quickly? I got a 100. But I still maintain that I could misunderstand the material without realizing it. Just wait, one of these days I’ll bomb spectacularly on a test. That’ll show him.

*Obviously a brief label can’t sum up the entirety of a person, but I don’t like to use real names on the blog so they’ll have to do.
**Our campus Individualized Learning Center
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