May 142008

As the Alpha Geek was getting dressed, I flopped on the bed and started chattering at him. Because what’s the point of being married to someone if you can’t inflict some mild torture on them once in a while?

“I ate an apple for breakfast—

Well, I started to eat the apple, but it was all rotten inside.

It looked okay, but then I took a bite and it was all black and sour and nasty.

…so I spit it out.

Isn’t it weird how something can look fine on the outside and then be all horrible on the inside?

Is that, like, a metaphor for people?”

Right about here I glanced over to see him looking at me like this: o_O


Rabbit on our sidewalk

Appropos of nothing, this afternoon when I took the trash down to the street, there was a rabbit on the sidewalk cropping grass. He’d freeze whenever I passed by, but I purposely passed on the far side of the driveway and didn’t pay him any mind, so he didn’t run away. Picture’s kind of fuzzy cause I used the cell phone instead of hunting up the camera with a zoom.

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