May 222008

Sometimes, as I go near a streetlight, it goes out. I joke with family and friends that I must be giving off some weird electromagnetic field or something. My husband says that his light bulbs burn out much faster since he married me.

Apparently, I am experiencing a paranormal phenomenon. I’ll pause while you go tell all your friends you know me.

Seems the moonbat crowd has termed this occurence “Street Light Interference,” or SLI. People who experience it are, of course, referred to as “SLIders.” Catchy, no?

Well, no. I notice streetlights going out because I’ve got the attention span of a gnat, and am easily distracted by movement, shiny objects, or flashing lights. I don’t notice the hundreds, nay, thousands of streetlights that quietly continue to shine, because that’s what they’re supposed to do. Our light bulbs burn out faster because there are four of us turning the damn things off and on all the time (mostly on), which uses ’em up faster than one person living alone. In short, there is nothing paranormal—there isn’t even a phenomenon, unless you count the human tendency to perceive patterns in randomness.

Angry Professor teaches a class in critical thinking at her university. Wouldn’t it be great if such a course were required for graduation from high school? And I thought I was gullible.

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