Jun 162008

I uploaded my first homework assignment on its due date. Several days went by, and no grades were posted for it. I’ve never used Blackboard’s “digital drop box” to submit assignments, so I started to worry that I did it wrong.

E-mail to tax instructor, 6/13:

Hi there! I just wanted to make sure my Chapter 1 assignments got to you okay–I sent them via the digital dropbox before the deadline, but I haven’t seen them show up in the grades section on Blackboard so I was worried something went hinky. Sometimes the first week or so of class has bugs to iron out. Please let me know if there was a problem and I need to re-send them. Thanks!

Response, an hour later:

I normally do not post any grades until after the end of add-drop. I will try and get grades posted sometime this week-end. If I have problems with your assignment, I will send you an email so you can repost.

I had several questions about this week’s assignment. Posted to the discussion board, no answer. E-mailed the instructor, no answer. So I waited until the last possible day to upload them, hoping I’d get some of my questions answered before I submitted the assignment.

While tediously uploading the files, I noticed that the “digital dropbox” has an “add file” and a “send file.” Apparently just uploading the file is not the same as sending the file. I went through and sent all of the files, then went to check my grade.

Yep, got a 0 for the first assignment. Never heard anything from the instructor that there was a problem with them, or that she hadn’t received them. I’ve e-mailed her asking if this is going to be my grade, trying to be diplomatic in pointing out that I did ask her if she had received them so she knew there might have been a problem, including the quoted text of her reply where she said she would e-mail me if there was a problem with the assignment.

Gah. On top of the utter lack of response to my questions about the assignment, this just frustrates the living hell out of me. If I’m supposed to be learning this shit by myself, what am I paying tuition for? And if that 0 for the homework stands, I’m dropping this class and getting my money back; I’m not going to take a hit on my GPA due to poor communication.

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